Your Options for Internet Service in Rural Areas

Living in a rural area often means looking for alternatives to traditional high speed internet access. Many smaller areas do not offer the same technology that is found in larger cities. If you live in a rural area, you do have options that you may not be aware of. If your local telephone service does not offer high speed internet services, you may find cable or satellite companies that can provide you with the rural internet service that you need.

Satellite and cable internet offers high speed connections which can solve internet issues in areas where local phone services offer only dial up connection speeds. Dial up is quickly becoming a thing of the past and most smaller telephone companies offer at least some sort of broadband service. If you find that yours does not however, you can check with your local cable company or research satellite options in your area. These companies often provide high speed internet that is much faster than dial up and can often be purchased in a package along with your television subscription.

Dial up service requires that you have a phone line installed. This means that you cannot connect to the internet while you are using your phone. Most companies today offer DSL services that allow you to use another phone line for internet while still having use of your home phone. If you do not want or need a home phone however, you will find that many telephone companies cannot provide you with internet service. Dial up and DSL from phone companies require that you pay for a landline whether you actually use the phone on that line or not.

Satellite and cable services can connect you to the internet without the use of a phone line in your home. This is a much better option for those who do not want to pay for a separate phone line but simply want to connect to the internet. You will need to check with your local cable and satellite companies to see what connection speeds are available in your area and what these services will cost. Different companies and different locations may affect the speed and the overall cost of internet connection services.

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