7 Reasons To Buy YouView From BT

YouView from BT is a relatively new set-top box that gives access to both Freeview and on-demand catch-up TV shows from all the biggest channels. Here are our top seven reasons why it’s worth plumping for YouView box over its rivals.

Better than Freeview
YouView is an excellent successor to the standard Freeview box as it provides all the channels you know and love, as well as the ability to record around 150 hours of HD content.

Low monthly subscription
Both Sky and Virgin Media have high monthly subscription charges, whereas YouView from BT starts at just £5. There are two packages to choose from, TV Essential and TV Unlimited, so there’s no confusion over what channels you’ll have access to.

Online catch-up on your TV
Online catch-up services, such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITV Player have made it easier for us to see the shows we love… if you’re happy to watch them on a small screen. However, with YouView from BT, you can watch all the on-demand services on your television with Scrollback.

Watch Sky channels
You will have access to Sky’s on-demand catch-up service, NOW TV on YouView. This means that even those that don’t pay Sky’s outrageous subscription charges will be able to watch some of its exclusive content. NOW TV includes Sky Movies from its launch, with Sky Sports thought to be added at a later date.

Who needs a Smart TV?
Smart TVs provide access to the internet, along with a number of apps, such as iPlayer and YouTube, but they are very expensive. With a YouView box, you won’t be left behind if you can’t get your hands on one of these fancy devices as you will still be able to watch all of your favourite programmes on demand.

Easy to use
For some people using technology comes naturally, but for others it’s far more difficult and confusing. However, the YouView interface has been designed to make it incredibly simple to use. The Electronic Programme Guide is easy to scroll through and accessing the catch-up service is as simple as selecting a programme from the past seven days.

More content on the way
YouView already has over 70 Freeview TV and radio channels, but they have promised to include additional content in the future. Sky’s NOW TV is already available, but another 300 potential partners have already expressed an interest.

YouView from BT is a revolutionary, yet affordable way to watch catch-up on-demand services, as well as pausing and rewinding live TV.

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